VeeFriends Avastar Claim Guide

Hello, VeeFriends!

If you’ve arrived here, you know that Avastars Corp is going to be giving away 1700 Avastars from Series 5 to holders of VeeFriends!

Since there are 4551 of you, and only 1700 available Avastars, these Avastars will be randomly distributed on a first come, first served basis. Please read this entire guide before claim day. Details on the claim process appear below, but first, the basics:

What IS an Avastar?

Avastars are generative NFT characters for the metaverse. Each one is unique and has their art and metadata stored on the ethereum blockchain. Avastars come licensed for use commercially by their owners. Each Avastar we give away will also be eligible for 1 ART token, as long as you hold onto it until we announce that the snapshot of all Series 5 Avastar holders has been taken! For more info, check out the Avastars Discord.

What is the VeeFriends/Avastars connection-How did they meet?

It was NFT kismet! The Avastars parent company, nft42, created by NFT OG Jim McNelis, also formed the nameless nft minting platform.

Gary Vaynerchuk worked with nameless to bring his idea for VeeFriends to the metaverse.

Gary Vee and Jim are both kids at heart, who love collecting and curating super cool stuff. They also both understand and believe in the importance of building a strong community. That's why we're sharing our Avastars with our new VeeFriends!

Now that you know the deal, let's discuss when/how this will work!

WHEN can I try to claim an Avastar?

  • TUESDAY, 8/10/21 at 1:00 pm PT / 4:00 pm ET / 9:00 pm BST. Click here for timezone conversions.

HOW can I try to claim an Avastar?

  • Do this on a computer. It works more consistently than mobile.

  • The site will be live for 48 hours. If there are any unclaimed Avastars after that time, they will remain the property of Avastars to be used in future community building events.

Wait just a minute...How do YOU know I have a VeeFriend?

We took a snapshot of all ethereum addresses containing a VeeFriend on 7/24/21. SO, if you had a VeeFriend in your wallet on 7/24/21, we whitelisted your address so that when you try to claim, it tells us that you are eligible to attempt to claim an Avastar! Pretty clever, eh?

I had a VeeFriend in my wallet as of 7/24/21, but the Claim button won't work for me. What do I do?

As soon as it happens, take a screenshot and make sure the screenshot includes the time at the top right of your computer. Send that via Twitter DM to Avastars, along with your wallet address. Or, submit via the support channel in the Avastars Discord.

We have worked hard to make this a positive experience for all of you, and we can’t wait to see which Avastar chooses who! Make sure your spacesuits are in tip top shape for this mission, and prepare yourself for space travel. Good luck, VeeFriends!

*DISCLAIMER REGARDING GAS FEES: The use of blockchains, smart contracts, and specifically claim contracts is inherently risky. Each participant should carefully evaluate their risk tolerance when submitting a transaction to claim an Avastar from this site. While nft42 is not charging for the Avastar, transaction fees and the Ethereum network in general are far outside of nft42's control. As such, NFT42 WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY LOSSES YOU INCUR AS THE RESULT OF YOUR USE OF THE ETHEREUM NETWORK OR ANY ETHEREUM ELECTRONIC WALLET, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY LOSSES, DAMAGES OR CLAIMS ARISING FROM: (A) USER ERROR, SUCH AS ATTEMPTING TO MANUALLY ADJUST GAS FEES; OR (B) FAILED TRANSACTIONS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK WHERE THE ACTION IS NOT PERFORMED BUT WHERE THE INITIATOR OF THE CONTRACT IS STILL REQUIRED TO PAY THE NETWORK FEE EVEN IF THERE WAS NO USER ERROR.